Summer of Dissent

Class Wargames – Game of War

Kayle Brandon & Heath Bunting, Ali Jones, Alialani, Chris Fordwoh, The Earshot Posse, Anne Saunders, Smak Daddi, Barb Drummond, David Berridge & Hyun Jin Cho, Rod Dickinson, Class Wargames, Imaginist Congress and Psychic Rally Industrial Workers of the World, Rosie Farrell, Rebecca Weeks, Girl Gang, Laura Oldfield Ford, James Kennard, Tom Watson, Emma Cocker

A season of covert actions and overt operations curated by Sophie Mellor and Karen Di Franco.

The Summer of Dissent (2009) brought together a range of practitioners seeking to dismantle and reassemble cultural norms through collective action and singular acts of sedition. The programme invited participants to reflect on concerns around physical and psychological survival and to question current geo-political structures.

Events were held at Plan 9 and various off-site venues around the city.

Click Here to download a copy of ‘The Yes of the No!’ an especially commissioned essay by Emma Cocker.

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