Girl Gang

Girl Gang is posturing and swaggering. Girl Gang is daring and adventure.

Girl Gang sanctions the exploration of different modes of behaviour via a slight change in individual perception.
Gang members explore how a small shift in thought only can influence behaviour and free self-imposed constraints.

Through a series of dares and adventuresGirl Gang members equip themselves with new skills and stories, inducing jealousy and admiration in equal measures.

Girl Gang investigates a range strategies for moving through the social and built environment, delighting in taking up space and reinterpreting the lay of the land in order to gain economic freedom, mobility and social space.

Economic freedom
Girl Gang seek to generate their own economy. This is achieved through exploiting new and existing skills and ducking in and out of what is permissible.

Got money? Get wheels. Girl Gang are acquiring the skills to maintain their own transport system.

Social Space
Got money, got wheels. Time to show off. Time to take up space. Girl Gang are creating a network of social spaces inviting others to admire their bravado, their bluff and bluster.

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