Days Like These

Days Like These is a celebration of everyday beauty. Close and Remote (Sophie Mellor and Simon Poulter) are working with local community groups using watercolours and virtual reality to re-discover the beauty of Jaywick Sands, exploring the natural environment using traditional art techniques (drawing, painting) and new technologies (virtual reality, sound).

We’re running a series of weekly watercolour and sound recording workshops from September 2018 to February 2019, based at Jaywick Martello Tower. With easels, paints and paper, we’re getting out and about in Jaywick, expanding our watercolour skills in the natural environment.

We’ll will produce a series of 360 degree watercolours of Jaywick Sands, which will then be turned into the worlds first Virtual Reality Watercolour Tour of Jaywick Sands, using open source software a-frame. The resulting VR experience can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop (no app needed). The VR experience will also feature a soundtrack for Jaywick, using atmospheric sound recorded during the workshops, as well as traditional instruments.

The project will culminate in an exhibition at Jaywick Martello Tower in March 2019, including watercolours produced by the workshop participants; 360 watercolours by Close and Remote; and the launch of the Virtual Reality Watercolour Tour of Jaywick Sands and soundtrack.

Days Like These has been commissioned by Essex Cultural Development Project.